Sunday, November 15, 2015

‘Made in Vietnam’ Make Vietnam Make Much More Money

Did you notice that Vietnam has come long way since global economic crisis, 2008? Meanwhile the aftermath of subprime mortgage crisis has had huge effect on the world economy, in Vietnam, the rate of economic growth is unstoppable. It has risen from year to year since then. The stunning progress results from the increasing growth of export. According to Vietnam’s government, the amount of export this year will be expected to reach an all-time high.
What’s going on there, Vietnam? To describe Vietnam in a word, it is ‘Hot’ because this place has been regarded as a key production plant of ‘Big companies’. Actually, many global companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, Nike, Apple’s Foxconn, and so on have moved into the southern Vietnam where it was an originally orchard.
Interestingly, until just a few years ago, most people took it for granted that China was bar far the best as the production plant of global companies. However, Vietnam grabbed big companies’ attention, and it changed the currency of global industry. Vietnam’s cheap labor not only made even G2 quivered, but also this rookie hit the accelerator with TPP(Trans-Pacific Partnership), where China is not included because this treaty was basically designed for keeping an eye on G2, China. In the near future, we will see much more ‘Made in Vietnam’ than China’s.
According to the one article in Korean Economy, the minimum wage is $1.96 per hour in Vietnam, and 3.27 in china. However, there is a prospect that this minimum wage in Vietnam will continuously increase. Truly, in Vietnam’s minimum wage increased every year more than 10%.
Lastly, if you ask me about the following, although we need to notice Vietnam, for now, the power of 'Made in Vietnam' will be able to bring much more money into Vietnam.
Source, Korean Economy

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Women International Match Race

For 9 days, I worked as a staff in Women’s World Match Race, which is an International yacht competition. Even if it could sound like an excuse, what I’ve done this week was only a job. Because of this reason, unintentionally, what I can write this week is about my work, not my blog.
One week ago, Busan Yacht Organization allowed me to work for Women’s World Match Race as an interpreter and a staff. Truly, I was supposed to work by 6 P.M. according to the term, but I occasionally worked longer. Sometimes, it was demanding though, i was definitely satisfied with this job.
Every day, I was supposed to go to a main office of this race by 8 A.M., Where it’s about 5 or 10 minutes from my house, and all staff should clean the site altogether. It just took about 20 minutes and it was not tricky work. My job was mainly to help competitors in this event, especially concerning communication. All matches were scheduled to go two times a day, which were early morning and afternoon. half of players gathered at the marshaling area for competitions and they got ready to move for sailing. During their arrangements, I helped them to get gears they needed and deal with problems on the ground. Everything that I’ve done there was definitely something new because I’ve never tried those kind of things related to sailing yacht. Most of all, receiving damage reports that was my key job during 9 days, so all teams should've reported damages of their boat after each of  their matches. I should check the part of damages in their sailing yacht and report organizers. It kindled my interests in yacht. By the time I completed my job as an interpreter, I became aware of many things about sailing yacht such as rules, terms, and so on. Additionally, I was so pleased to know many cool yacht players.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Here are three blogs related to my topic  A blog involved in my topic in Korean
Why did i choose this blog?
I've been thinking my trade class in school was very impressive because the professor talked about his experience he had been through. Like this class, i thougt this blog was well-organized concerning the blogger's story. So i liked this blog. This blog is dealing with information related to World Issue and Trade

I have a lot of interests in trade area except for the theories and rules which are too boring to study. But this blog is quite different and dealing with various kinds of news related to trade. It is so practical and comes in handy for my study.  like the second blog, it allow me to know how the current trade is changing because thankfully, this blogger uploads news related to trade every single day. And the thing is, it was easily and well written so that i could get it without any problems.

I hope three blogs that i chose will be useful.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Descriptive Writing 20110091 Sungkwon Park

Descriptive Writing 20110091 Sungkwon Park
With us surrounded by a chilly air of autumn, four tough cookies who were totally grown-up but still looked like kids were gathered around at a round table and exuberantly shooting the breeze as if we were baby birds in the warm nest. That lovely pub was made of enormous amount of sweat and love of a mother of my friend. Thankfully, our mouths were full of mouth-watering food made from the love of the mother bird.
Putting tough reality and excruciating worries aside, each hand of our four tough cookies held magical elixir to youth. Glittering with the reflection of light on the surface of crystal clear glasses on the table, the ambiance in the cozy pub was harmonized with our reminiscences and was full of scenes buried for such a long time in our hearts. Bitter-sweet feelings and memories crossed our minds.

Out of the blue, a sailing boat carrying our bitter-sweet memories bumped into monstrous waves and a storm with several shots of mysterious elixir. Before long, countless shared reminiscences endlessly whirled in our hearts. We were shedding our skins little by little that were soiled with our currently harsh lives, but it didn’t take much time for tough cookies to flash back to the past and turn into tough kids from that time, 2010. We were so glad to have a time with traces of our life for the first time in several years.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

ABOUT ME, Sungkwon



  Because of a few pieces of advice, I rarely used SNS like Face Book, Tweeter, and so on, except for this blog. THANKFULLY, my dear professor suggested his classes' students give own blog a try for potential employers and improving our artistic talents, anyways. For this reason, I could begin using this blog. 
 (If you didn't get the word 'artistic', think of the reason why we call the writing class in school as composition.)

  I am Sungkwon Park and currently junior at Busan University of Foreign Studies in Busan, South Korea. My major is English and International Trade. As for my goal, my definite goal is to master English like mother tongue within 5 years. I know it is a big deal but I'll achieve it. Wish me luck! 

 When it comes to my future nobody knows and will do as well, I am looking forward to becoming an outstanding expert concerned with trade, which is a key reason why I'm now bending over backward to study English and Trade. To succeed in that field, I know I need to meet many people and study harder than what I've ever done combined. Even if tons of works and pressures make me feel frustrated now and then, I believe
 myself that I can stick it out because I am considering of myself as tough guy.

   Regarding my recent worry, There was no progress engaged in my English. From time to time, I imagined that I fell into water and struggled to get out of there. I know the only solution is to bear this harsh moment. I am going to follow what the tortoise did in an old story. Although my growth looks tardy and humble like 'Tortoise', he never quit his race up to the late to pass the finish line. Definitely, you know how did the tortoise become.

  Two thoughts just came across my mind. First, this post can be, well... probably, what I said so far will be so boring. The other is how many mistakes are here. 
 So I am going to wrap up this post, after just talking about the purpose of this blog. 

I'm planning to post articles or information related to trade because I want to be an expert in my future.   

 With many thanks,